Front loader


Compact design and robust simplicity

The frontloader – also called the DF-series – belongs to the family of different cabin washing machines, which Cleentek has in their program. The machines have a vertical front door, and the machine cleans componenst through use of an efficient rotating wash system. DF-series is specially designed for cleaning of large components with weights up to 2000 kg and length of up to 3000 mm.


The DF machines are equipped with Vision 2000-/ 3000-control. In practice this means that, the control panel consists of a practical soft touch panel with a digital display. The Vision control gives you the possibility to regulate the temperature and the process times for the wash programme, which can be interrupted at any time and then restarted as required. You can also read possible error messages from the machine via the digital display.

In order to specify the machine so that it is suited to your application, you can choose from a wide varity of optional extra equipment.

Download product info for DF models

1336737864 pdfDownload product info for F1000 model


Technical data for Front loader

Model DF 900 DF 1300 DF 2000 F100 Standard
Cleaning area Ø900/⇔850 Ø1300/⇔1300 Ø2000/⇔2000 Ø1000 mm
Cleaning height 625 1050 1400 700 mm
Load height 920 945 1000 920 mm
Machine depth 1220 1680 2400 1300 mm
Machine width 1420 1920 2800 1585 mm
Machine height 2630 3550 4300 2570 mm
Max load 500/750 500/1000 1000/2000 500 kg
Tank capacity 400 600 1500 500 L
Temperature 30 > 90 30 > 90 30 > 90 30 > 90 °C
Pump capacity 220/350 350/550 700 210 L/min.
Pressure 4,5 - 5,5 4,0 - 6,0 4,0 - 6,0 4,0 bar
Heating 9 18 36 9 kW

DF 900 dobbelt
Oliebåndskimmer skive/bånd
Olieseperator Cobra



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TEL.: 7022 8499

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