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Cleentek offers two versions of toploader serier; the DT- and RT-series. They both have access from the top, for loading parts and use a rotating basket. Machines are available in different sizes to suit customer requirements.




The RT-Series is available in 3 different model / sizes; RT-700, 900 and 1100. All three models have a simple and durable construction in stainless steel, which ensures consistent and reliable operation. The cleaning solution is held in a tank at the bottom of the machine, which is equipped with a stainless steel heating element, a thermostat, a low level protection switch and a stainless steel mesh filter which protects the pump. A simple analogue control panel enables the operator to set the temperature of the cleaning solution between 30 and 60 ºC and adjust the cycle time. The RT model is used in machine shops by manufacturing and service companies; as well as in the printing industry, off-shore industry and marine sector.

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The DT-series is available in 2 different model / sizes: DT 700c and DT 800c. The DT-series is a fully automatic cleaning machine, which comes with the possibility for some manual cleaning using the connected brush and integrated work station. The DT-series can heat cleaning solutions up to 90 º C and the machines run very quietly in operation, due to the thermal and sound insulated panels that are used in the DT's construction.The machines are equipped with the same heating element, thermostat and low level protection switch, which are used in the RT-series. In addition, the machines are equipped with a tank cover and further filter to prevent components falling into the tank. The DT-series has a double skin stainless steel construction, which provides good sound and heat insulation.
The DT-series includes the Vision 2000 control panel, which provides a digital display of the parameters and a soft touch keypad to for setting the wash cycle.

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Technical data for Toploader

Model RT 700 RT 900 RT 1150 DT 700 C DT 800 C Standard
Cleaning area Ø690 Ø890 Ø1140 Ø690 Ø790 mm
Cleaning height 450 500 700 450 450 mm
Load height 850 700 700 850 920 mm
Machine depth 850 1300 1750 920 1070 mm
Machine width 1000 1300 1550 1090 1220 mm
Machine height 980 1150 1400 1020 1100 mm
Max load 100 200 300 100 150 kg
Tank capacity 100 250 400 100 180 L
Temperature 30>60 30>60 30>60 30>90 30>90 °C
Pump capacity 100/150 220/350 280/350 100 140 L/min.
Pressure 2,4/4 4,5/6 4/6 2,4 3 bar
Heating 9 9 9 9 9 kW

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